The Cross Over Movement Manifesto

Cross Over, 3rd Edition front CoverThe Cross Over Movement Manifesto is 12 chapters comprised of the original chapters from the 1st Edition of Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development with updated information and opinions from three years of writing blogs.

When I published the 3rd Edition of Cross Over, I focused the book on coaching information and the long term athlete development philosophy.

Cross Over outlines the solutions that a coach or organization can make at the grassroots level to emphasize long term athlete development, the development of global players and an athlete-centered philosophy.

The Manifesto, the chapters which appear here, presents many of the problems plaguing youth basketball and outlines some structural changes like the Elite Development League.

The Manifesto


Chapter 1: The Current State of Youth Basketball

Chapter 2: Early Specialization

Chapter 3: Free Play

Chapter 4: Talent Identification

Chapter 5: Introduction to Long Term Athlete Development

Chapter 6: Coach Education

Chapter 7: Finding the Right Coaching Environment

Chapter 8: The United States Basketball Development System

Chapter 9: Worldwide Development Systems

Chapter 10: Elite Development League

Chapter 11: High Performance Centers

Appendix: Parent’s Guide to Development Talent


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