Programs and Books

180-logo-red-jpg180 Shooter: Shooting program designed to help coaches develop better shooters and to assist players with the development of better practice habits. Individual Package utilizes the Practice Tracker program for individual players, while the Program Package combines the Shot Tracker program with Practice Tracker programs for each player.

180-shooter-front-cover 180 Shooter: 5 Steps to Shooting 90% from the Free Throw Line, 50% from the Floor and 40% from the 3-point Line. The book is aimed at junior high school and high school players, though players and coaches of all ages use the book as a resource to improve their shooting from the basics to the complex. The book includes the methodology and drills that I use on a daily basis when I train players.

“Coach McCormick has put together the most complete book about shooting that I have ever seen. His breakdown of shooting methods and techniques are essential for athletes who want to improve their form and accuracy.”

— Hernando Planells, NBA Scout

BUY NOW: Available as a paperback or an e-book.

hard2guard-skill-development-front-coverHard2Guard: Skill Development for Perimeter Players outlines the skills and drills to develop players with the confidence and fundamentals to play aggressively on the perimeter. From the basics to the advanced skills, Hard2Guard is the complete book for technical and mental perimeter skill development.

“Brian has done it again by combining basic fundamentals with advanced skill set moves to create a one-of-a-kind breakdown of how to make players better.”

– Brandon Clay

Director, Peach State Basketball

BUY NOW: Available as a paperback or an e-book.

blitz-basketball-front-coverBlitz Basketball: A Strategic Method for Player Development incorporates a Dribble-Drive-Motion-like offense and a full court man-to-man trapping press and outlines the drills to build the system while developing players technical and tactical skills.

Blitz Basketball builds a simple, but effective offensive and defensive strategy through games and drills designed to develop players’ fundamental skills, basketball I.Q. and competitiveness.

Originally designed for an u-9 AAU team, I have used the system with high school, college and professional teams. With over 60 drills and 100 diagrams, Blitz Basketball is a complete development and strategic system for youth basketball teams and coaches. The Second Edition includes six different offensive entries and six quick hitters for high school and college teams.

BUY NOW: Available as a paperback and an e-book.

hard2guard-front-coverHard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 1 is the 2007 collection of the weekly newsletters that I send to thousands of coaches around the world. These newsletters contain drills, teaching concepts, essays, research and interviews pertaining to player development and cover subjects from nutrition to ACL injuries to shooting mechanics to re-defining athleticism.

“I look forward to receiving my newsletter so that I can get new ideas, drills and information to implement into my workouts.”
– Dave Hopla
Assistant Coach, Washington Wizards

BUY NOW: Available as a paperback or an e-book.


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