Basketball Web Sites: Product Review

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Ryan McNeill from, a coach in Toronto, used the program for his first time and wrote about it on

About the site, he writes:

The site is the work of Brian McCormick and it will change the way I approach coaching basketball at my school this season. I’ve read his book “The Crossover Movement” and watched some of his DVD’s, but this site takes things to a whole other level.

About the 180 Shooter book, McNeill writes:

Another gem is the 180 Shooter book which is posted as a eBook in a PDF file. It’s free to download with your membership and it’s 85 pages of pure gold.

Finally, he concludes about the overall package:

You could be completely basketball illiterate and have a successful season coaching just by following what McCormick shares in this website. For experienced coaches like myself who have been coaching for over a decade there’s still a wealth of information that you will want to add to your practices.


Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development 3rd Edition Now Available!!

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The 3rd Edition of Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development is now available as an e-book (click here to buy the book).

The 3rd Edition explains how to create a team, club, program or organization based around an athlete-centered, long term athlete development philosophy.

Chapter 1: Philosophy of Long Term Athlete Development

* Introduction to LTAD
* Talent Development as a Process
* Why Long Term Athlete Development?
* The Philosophy of LTAD
* The End-Goal: The Global Basketball Player
* The Five LTAD Stages
* Stage 1: The Foundation Stage
* Stage 2: The Fundamental Stage
* Stage 3: The Training Stage
* Stage 4: The Competition Stage

Chapter 2: Athletics Skills

Chapter 3: Tactical Skills

Chapter 4: Technical Skills

Chapter 4B: Technical Skill Progressions (Brand New Addition)

* Ball Handling
* Finishing
* Passing
* Post Play
* Shooting

Chapter 5: Psychological Skills

* Mental Toughness
* Competitiveness
* Concentration
* Confidence
* Self-Image
* Motivation
* Arousal vs. Anxiety
* Goal Setting
* Visualization
* Relaxation Strategies

Chapter 6: Practice Planning

* Introduction
* What do you emphasize?
* What are your “everyday” drills?
* Managing Time
* Practice Expectations
* Practice Concepts
* Practice Format
* Teach, Train and Compete
* Why Practices Fail
* Sample Practice Plans
* Year-Round Periodization
* Seasonal Emphasis
* Stage & Season Breakdown

Chapter 7: Coaching Effectiveness

* The Role of a Coach
* Communication
* Feedback
* Leadership
* Empowerment
* Instructional Style
* Creating a Culture

Chapter 8: Learning

* Learning Styles
* Three Phases of Skill Execution
* Un-Learning or Re-Teaching
* Open vs. Closed Skills
* How to use the learning phases, stages and styles?

Appendix I: Injury Prevention

Appendix II: Dynamic Warm-up