“After I wrote the book, I understood that my mission would be to acquire ideas and diffuse them to society by any means,” [Alfons] Cornella, founder of Infonomia, says.

The Cross Over Movement site accumulates, generates and shares ideas based around Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development’s basic philosophy: creating a youth-centered basketball system through a long term approach to player development.

The Cross Over Movement is a grassroots effort to improve youth basketball through an emphasis on player development, coach education and system reform.

The Cross Over Movement web site presents content on WHY we need a new system of development, while Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development outlines HOW to develop and implement a new philosophy. The blog contains supplemental material covering the How and Why.

The Cross Over Movement advocates a philosophy of Long Term Athlete Development and an athlete-centered model which acknowledges the different physical, psychological and developmental stages a child progresses through during childhood.

The Cross Over Movement is a collection of ideas for coaches, parents and players to share and use. This site is an incubator of ideas. Many coaches believe they invented something new or will lose a competitive advantage by sharing information with other coaches. Rather than competing with all other coaches, The Cross Over Movement encourages a collaborative environment where coaches work together to create better programs and better instruction for youth players.


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