Developing Basketball Intelligence – Amazing Book!

I received the following email this morning:

Coach B.

I have to say that DBI is the best book I have ever read about coaching basketball.  As a result of your book I have focused on teaching a few things such as ball handling, layups, spacing and defensive principals.  My team has taken off.  In the past our schools kids have been knocked around, but this year they are playing with more intelligence and savvy.


After a reply in which I thanked Dave and asked if I could share his email, he replied:

Sure thing.  You can definitely use me as a testimonial.  My name is David Lerch. Just so you know, our team over the last two years is 2-25.  This year 4 games in we are 3-1 and our 5th and 6th graders who feed into the 7th and 8th grade team are 2-2 and playing really hard.  Teams don’t want to play us this year.  We have had two drops for next year.

Developing Basketball Intelligence is available as a paperback through or an an e-book through

Also, for coaches looking to put Developing Basketball Intelligence into action, Playmakers Basketball Development Leagues feature a six-week, 12-session curriculum based on the concepts in DBI, and each participant receives a copy of Playmakers: The Player’s Guide to Developing Basketball Intelligence which is the player’s version of DBI.


~ by Brian McCormick on November 15, 2010.

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