Ettore Messina’s Post Clinic

When in Toronto in October for the CSKA Moscow vs. Toronto Raptors game, I attended a clinic hosted by Basketball Ontario with CSKA Head Coach Ettore Messina. I wrote about the clinic in my Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters.

In the video, he shows what he calls the “reverse jump stop,” which I call a “stride stop” in my books and articles.

He also talks about ways to build the skills and confidence of a developing post player. It’s about building in small steps, not trying to master everything at one time.  As he says,he doesn’t want him to go from “0 to 100,” but to get him ready to contribute in a small way on the court as soon as possible.

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~ by Brian McCormick on December 17, 2008.

One Response to “Ettore Messina’s Post Clinic”

  1. Brian,

    For the sake of clarity …

    Please distinguish between the specific footwork involved with what you are referring to here as:

    1. A “Stride Stop”, from your own book, and according Messina’s terminology a “Reverse Jump Stop”;


    2. The other forms of “Stopping” which exist in basketball.

    Without doing this first, what you’ve written here and what Mr. Messina shows and talks about in that specific video clip can be quite mis-leading for the developing basketball coach.

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